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We love to contribute to our customer's self-confidence by providing healthy, glowing skin. We have all-natural, handmade products that will give everyone the peace of mind that they know what's being used on their body is safe and effective.

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Meet the Founder

I am Ronisha the founder of Skyn By Ro . I started this business because I am pursuing my own self care and skin care journey. I have struggled with acne, hyperpigmentation and eczema all my life. I've seen dermatologists, but nothing worked. Despite being told that my acne was hormonal, which maybe true in some cases, I was frustrated with the way that I couldn't get rid of my pimples and dark spots. No matter how many skin care products I tried, nothing worked in the way I wanted. Finally, I started making my own whipped shea butter which gave my skin a nice glow and cleared my stubborn eczema. Then I went a little further and created my own facial bars which to my surprise reduced my acne and hyperpigmentation. My skin has come a long way since I've taken my skin care into my own hands. I am excited that something I started in my kitchen due to boredom has become a great hobby and my biggest stress relief while in medical school. I am proud to share my journey and story with all of you!